Truecoco Ghana

Founded in 2017, Truecoco Ghana is an agri-processing operation based in the Western Region of Ghana. Truecoco connects smallholder farmers across West Africa to trading partners within European and North American markets.

Truecoco’s core principle is to improve the lives of West Africa smallholder farmers.

Truecoco believes that the opportunity to create a high-functioning circular economy using the agricultural waste from an established farmer network, represents a significant opportunity for Truecoco and smallholder farmers, whilst combatting the impacts of climate change.

By working to create high integrity and quality Puro.certified biochar carbon credits, Truecoco will be able to provide farmer livelihoods with additional revenue, reduced cost of inputs, and improved yields.

Freddy Lydford

Co –founder

Founded Truecoco Ghana in 2017, Ghana’s first organic coconut processor
MSC Tropical Agriculture, Royal Agricultural University Cirencester
Over 10+ years working across agriculture sector in West Africa

William Orr

Co –founder

3+ years working in cocoa sustainability in West Africa
5+ working within the sustainability sector
MSC Carbon Management, University of Bournemouth