Truecoco Ghana – Tikobo site

Project Targets

- Remove 100k MT of CO2e by 2030

- Positively impact over 12k farmers

- Create 40+ direct employment opportunities

- Achive 8 UN SDG targets

Project Details

Truecoco Ghana will work with their already existing network of local smallholder coconut farmers in the Western Region to purchase their agricultural waste. 

Truecoco has worked with the farmer network for more than 8+ years. Helping farmers to achieve certification and linking them to buyers in European & North American markets.

Truecoco will convert the purchased agricultural waste into biochar, which will be returned to the farmers as a soil conditioner. This will be sold to the farmers at a below market rate or donated to farmers. Truecoco will also provide community sensitisation and training sessions around the benefits of biochar. 

All carbon removal credits that are generated during the project will be Puro certified, giving the end buyer assurance of the project’s quality and integrity.